Top 4 Reasons to Have a Photobooth at your Reception

The wedding reception has become an event all on its own. Often times completely separate from the wedding activities of the day. From uplighting to photographers, videographers, floral designs, cakes, and food choices one starts to ask why is a photobooth needed?

The photo booth has been incorporated into the modern day wedding for over ten years now. Many initially believed it would be a phase that wouldn’t last more than a couple years. Yet, over ten years later we are here still talking about how these fun. impactful station are still relevant today. We take a look at our top 4 reason as to why you should incorporate a photobooth into your wedding day.

Entertainment and Social Factor

A Photobooth provides another form of entertainment for your guests to enjoy the evening. Not everyone wants to jump out onto the dance floor or congregate at the bar. A photobooth provides a low key, high fun area for guests to take a break from the excitement of the night.

Even better it is suitable for all of your guests. Kids have a place to be a kid, adults have a place to be a kid. With no limits on printing our photobooth options provide fun and entertainment for the entire evening

Fabulous favours

Ever been to that wedding where there is a box of almonds on the table. It meant to be a party favor for the guests. Often times though these boxes just sit at the tables or worse guests enjoy them for a minute then they are gone. Much like the memories of the Wedding Night. Instead, a  photobooth provides last memories and impressions for all of your guests.  Not only provide your guests the a tangible memory to take home but also you. With our photobooths we are able to capture of the digital images and return these to our clients on a USB and also host them in an online gallery where they can be downloaded later.

As technology advances, we now have the capabilities of sending the files out live at the event with or social media station. This feature allows guests to instantly send a digital copy of the image to their cell phone, or upload it to a number of social media platform live from your event. Memories made are worth capturing.

Theme it!

With many brides seeking to customize and theme their wedding day experiences, it is important that all aspects of the decor flow seamlessly with the theme. Many cheap or low budget photobooths utilize large drapery or inflatable backdrops. These types of setups take a large footprint within your event space and often detract from the over decor or theme of the wedding.

It is important to look at all options and choose what best works for you. With our mirror photobooth option, we have the ability to create custom themes not only within the animations guests experience but also with your print overlays. Going one step further we will even customize the event space surrounding the booth to match the theme or decor.

Intigration into the Wedding Venue

There are many options on the market today. However, it is important to choose an option that compliments, the event space you choose and detract from its beauty. Often times couples spend the largest portion of their budget on the venue. That is why we feel the open air concept photobooth such as the mirror is a better option than other setups.

When couples seek out a venue often times it is because it maps their idea of beauty for the wedding day. What we feel is important is not sticking a giant dark hole into the event space. Rather our photobooth options were carefully selected because of their ambiance, decor and ability to seamlessly integrate into your venue.


Matthew Evers is a wedding photographer and photobooth provider to the Greater Cleveland, OH region.

Email: matt@clephotoco.com 




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