Best Friend Surprises and Fun

Best friends, How well do you know yours? Can you predict their actions? Would you know she planned a surprise photo session for you and your husband? Well, that is exactly what happened for Maggie, when her best friend surprised her with a new photo session for her and her husband Ben!!

But imagine having a poor experience with your wedding photographer 10 years ago. All you wish for is to have that day back and obtain some meaningful photos. Just one would be all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, that is not possible. 10 years later you travel to Ohio to serve as a bridesmaid for your best friend Kira.

while you think you know your best friend Kira well what you didn’t know is she started to hatch a plan to recreate a first look for you. Several months later your best friend is coming to Chicago to visit for what you think is a photo session with you and her. Unknowingly, it is an elaborate plan by your best friend and husband to be the center of the photo session.

This is session was truly one of those feel good shoots with an amazing story of friendship. It was filled with surprises, adventure, joy, and amazement. Oh yea, there may have been tanks too lol!

big thanks to Kira, Nate, and Ben for helping pull off this wonderful surprise for Maggie. Even though we had to dodge hundreds of prom goers, the session was a great success and the proof is in the images.

Location: Cantigny Gardens

Vlog: Episode 2


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