Summer Nights | Kevin Pruitt and Ashley Wolfe

Location: Lakewood Park and Tremont

To truly understand what it means to be from the land one must be all in on Cleveland, Ohio. For Kevin and Ashley their love for the city of Cleveland, its sport teams and destination is equal to the love they share for each other. Spending five minutes with these two and you cannot help but shade a smile and jump in to the excitement with them.

Visiting some of Cleveland’s most iconic we utilized the backdrops to compliment this engagement session. When your city is as important as your partner it is hard not to include it in the overall idea of the engagement session.


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Visual story teller; Photographer & Videographer

Matt is one of our Co-Founders who also is a photographer and videographer. Matt draws his inspiration and love for photos from his childhood and the fascination with photographs ability to help him recall specific childhood events and memories. he loves the idea that weddings are part of a larger story and that we have the opportunity to help write one chapter of individuals story;s through photography and videography. 

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