Dancing around Cleveland

Dancing around Cleveland can be an adventure all of its own. Especially depending on the company, you bring along with you. When you find the right dancing partner it doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by complete strangers, family or friends, a sell out crowd of thousands or just a few random people passing on the street. For Aaron and Venchise it is all dancing, games, jokes, and light-hearted conversation. I do not think there was a moment throughout this session that they were not smiling, giggling or laughing with each other.

After all, that is what the wedding is all about. Finding your best friend, your dancing partner. Finding that one person who not only understands your quirks but lives them with you. The one person in the world who’s attention matters and not having a care about anyone else. Just living your best life possible and abandoning all fears of judgment.

Living life in the moments instead of just walking through it. That is how Aaron and Venchise. They truly represent what so many seek yet so few find and experience. Just like Leann Womack’s song when given the opportunity they choose to dance.

The session with these two seemed to last mere seconds. We didn’t even feel like we were photographing. When we discussed a location for the engagement session, we could not think of a better place than the Art’s District in University Circle. We felt it truly captured the essence of Aaron and Venchise. Combining beauty with Art. All that was missing was a soundtrack to this dance session as we made our way through the Wade Oval area. Dance through Cleveland with your partner and see where the road takes you!





Location:  Wade Oval 
                   The Cleveland Art Museum

Photographer: Matthew Evers


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