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Discover 5 Tips for attending Bridal Shows

5 Quick Tips to Eliminate the Stress of Bridal Shows. Bridal Shows can be a huge stressor for brides. With a plethora of vendors, brides are often bombarded with sales pitches, handouts, sales offers, and discounts. This will give you five tips on how to better navigate Bridal Shows and how to better prepare for them. We hear the same thing from multiple brides every year that we meet with at the various bridal shows throughout Cleveland. It’s OVERWHELMING!!!!!

Brides are stressing and not sure what to even expect when they arrive at a Bridal show so here are our five quick tips for becoming a Bridal Show Ninja and lowering your stress:

1. Come to the show with a PLAN

Meaning that if you still need to book your DJ, florist and photographer have a plan of priorities and just focus on those vendors. It is so easy to get distracted, and of course, talking with vendors you may have already booked or just do not have a need for. Worse when you do meet vendors you still need you are burned out and do not want to engage with them anymore.


When you come to the show prioritize your vendors. We recommend you book your vendors in a specific order. The reason for the order is normally based on how fast they book. You would be surprised how far out in advance vendors are taking bookings. We as wedding photographers we are already booking 2020 weddings. Your most popular vendors will be the ones with the most far-out bookings. 

So here is our priority list:

  1. Wedding Venues!!!
    1. These are going to be the first to go. So if you are after the prized venue in your region, you are going to want to speak with them ASAP to see available dates
  2. Wedding Photographers
    1. Similar to your wedding venues good wedding photographers are in high demand and are often booking 12-18 months in advance.
  3. THE DRESS!!!!
    1. We understand it is probably the biggest decision for you. When selecting your dress and going with a dress provider make sure you inquire with the provider how long it takes to get the dress in after your fitting. With that ask how long alterations will take as you get closer to the wedding date.
  4. Disc Jockey/Band!!
    1. With Disc Jockey’s and wedding bands, you want to start your search for them at a minimum of 8-9 months out. Especially, if there is a specific band or DJ that you are going to try and request. During popular months while DJ companies may have multiple DJs they still may be booked

3. Be a little SECRATIVE

What we mean here is it may behoove you to create a specific email address for your wedding (Themillers2019@gmail.com) . This does a couple of things for. One being it organizes all of your wedding vendor correspondents into one location. There is no need to sift through personal emails, work emails looking for all of your wedding emails.

Second, bridal shows and vendors often run promotional opportunities if you register with them at the show. If you have a dummy email address or a junk email address you can avoid a lot of the spam emails that will no doubt clutter and fill your inbox.


Sounds odd right??!!!! But this is probably the most genius hack of them all. Go to the office store and purchase the Avery letter labels. Place all your contact information and wedding date on the label. That way when you are walking around and meet with a vendor you would like to connect with latter you can just provide them with the label. It also doubles as an entry form for all those raffles and gives aways.

Either way, it is a huge time saver that will drastically reduce the amount of time you would spend filling paperwork, and you can focus on the more important things such as enjoying the day with your bridesmaids.

5. ENJOY the show

This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable experience with you and your fiancé, family members, and bridesmaids. There is nothing to stress and fuss about. Do not fall victim to feeling the pressure to book with vendors that moment. Make sure you all yourself time to discuss the purchases and review the purchase contracts. Shop around just because they are the cheapest or are offering the best deal doesn’t mean they are a great fit for you.



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