Engaged? Do these 5 Things Immediately | Cleveland, OH

Engaged? Do these 5 Things Immediately | Cleveland, OHCongratulations on being Engaged!!!!

So Christmas just became the most special time ever and in particular this one. If you are one of the many women, who said yes to your best friend over this holiday season you are want to check out some of these tips on what do next. Filled with the excitement and wonder of becoming a bride to be it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and not 100 percent sure on where to go next.

Spread the Good News

Pick up the phone and give your bestie the good news. No Text’s here this new is too juicy to share via text. Pick up the phone and call your tribe and tell them. Make sure the parents are included on the news list as well. No, send out the text with that beautiful ring to your friends after you have called them!

Get those nails ready for a Photoshoot

 Your hands will be the platform for the best piece of art over the next couple of weeks. That means those nails best be on point. Not that Mani type and like a more natural look? No problem, just ensure your nails are clean and shaped. We want everyone’s focus on your amazing engagement ring and not unsightly chipped nails.

 Get Your Ring Sized

 If the ring fits, great, and but that is not always the case. We sometimes miss a few details lol. Melissa Lessick from IMG jewelers recommends calling ahead with an appointment to avoid having to wait.  This is especially important if the ring is falling off your finger.

 Get the Ring Insured

So, he did an amazing job on the ring. Let’s make sure we are ensured against an accident or worse. This would be our number 1 priority. Let’s face it accidents happen. Things get miss placed, or worse lost. For what it costs to insure is small compared to the peace of mind knowing that it is covered if something happens

 Have a semi- Private evening this weekend

 Are you ready to celebrate your first weekend together as an engaged couple? Awesome, book a nice romantic evening in Cleveland with your partner. Our favorite places are Pier W, Lola’s and Cibreo. Afterwords enjoy a nice stroll through Public Square and take in the Christmas spirit with the light display. Or strap on a pair of ice skates and enjoy a night under the lights and glow of public square with stops at the Jack Casino and E. 4th nearby. I know your dying to show off the ring to your girlfriend’s!! Have them top the night off by meeting everyone for a drink or two at the Chocolate Bar. Commence ring photo shoot!!!! Engaged? Do these 5 Things Immediately | Cleveland, OH

Visit us at Today’s Bride Wedding Show

 It is never too early to start planning your wedding day. I know you just got engaged to your best friend and suddenly everything is happening. That’s why it is so important to stop out to the Today’s Bride show Jan. 26th & 27th 2019 at the IX Center. This is Cleveland’s most visited bridal event of the season, and it only comes around once a year! Plus who wants to wait for a whole another year! We will be on site to answer any of your questions you may have. Bring your tribe and make a day of it. We have a voucher for TWO FREE tickets. Shoot us an email or give us a call to find out more. 

The most important thing we feel during this exciting time is to ENJOY IT!!!! No seriously, it is super easy to get wrapped up in the wedding that you overlook the engagement. Many times excitement turns from joy to stress quickly as planning becomes a burden as opposed to enjoyment.

You have the rest of your life together with your partner to enjoy being married. You will, however, only be engaged for a very small moment in time. So, make the most of it by creating wonderful memories with your partner. Take trips, plan romantic dates, do small corny things for each other. Document your experiences through a journal and photographs. If you need help telling your story to send us an email, we would love to hear more about how he proposed and how you both meet each other. Check out some of our Holiday Proposal’s; GE Nela Park and Public Square. How do you want your story told?

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