Living with no Rules – Adam and Amy


They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck or a good omen. That it will bring you many years of a happy marriage. Yet, it seems that it is more prophetic than good luck. Water is used to cleanse, create new beggings. At the core of all living things is water. From water life flows. So for it to rain on a wedding is more symbolic than luck. It is the worlds way of saying you have a blank slate to start with. A new chapter to write your own story. All the joy and happiness you ever sought is waiting for you and your partner to discover from today forward.

For Adam and Amy a little rain shower on their wedding day provided them with new beginnings. Not just as husband and wife but as a new family. These two are the embodiment of adventure and exploration. Throwing the handbook of life and rules out the window. They have sought out to discover their own trail not only as individuals but as a couple.

Most brides want a limo for their big; Amy and Adam went with a more simplistic approach having the Bicycle Hub provide their bus. Many couples have a traditional ceremony in a church. Amy and Adam choose the quaint serenity and beauty of a pond adorned by a handmade cross her father built. Where others want a formal dinner Adam and Amy went with a BBQ.

Whether it is a formal wedding you envision or a rustic backyard BBQ party the main story plot is the same; Living Happily Ever After. Yet, the story that fills that plot is your own to write. Some choose to follow the trends where others choose their own creative path. In the end what matters is the pages you add to your story. Do not just turn the page to add content. Adam and Amy choose to embrace the adventure of life together and now have added another chapter to their individual life stories. Even more exciting though is the new book they have begun to write about their adventures together.


Transportation: The Bicycle Hub 

Dress: The Galleria

Suit: Alan Dupetit


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Matt is one of our Co-Founders who also is a photographer and videographer. Matt draws his inspiration and love for photos from his childhood and the fascination with photographs ability to help him recall specific childhood events and memories. he loves the idea that weddings are part of a larger story and that we have the opportunity to help write one chapter of individuals story;s through photography and videography. 

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