Ray Bans, Sunsets and Orchards

A key rule of photography if you are photographing with strong sun try and keep your subject matter from looking into the sun! How do you overcome this? Why your couple brings their own set of matching Ray Ban sunglasses to the session.

When we met with Kari and Dan and discussed her idea of an engagement session, we ended the conversation with the idea of soft buttery light. The whimsical, golden hour light where it feels as if you are in a dream of somewhere beautiful. Lucky for us we have found such a place in Cleveland, OH. It has quickly become one of our go-to locations for engagement sessions because of the light you get mixed with the woodsy, natural feel. And it is closer than you think! In fact, it is by an Eastside staple!

Pattersons fruit farms is a go-to fall destination on the East side. However, just below there is Orchard parks, which is part of the Geauga Metro parks. Orchard parks was the perfect backdrop for Kari and Dan as it quickly captured the buttery, soft glow of the fading sun. With the wildflowers in full bloom, we had the perfect contrast of colors that would add just that little bit of pop.

As we walked thru the park, the conversation flowed as if we all had been high school friends. Sharing and trading stories about life all while documenting the story of Kari and Dan. We still sit in awe and wonderment at times that this is our job. We don’t feel as if it is work. It is just another awesome couple, whose story we briefly are apart of. If only for a moment we are able to have a page in the book of Kari and Dan. Yet, the images we capture will become the staple of their story. Shared with thousands, enjoyed by family and friends and cherished by two. Welcome to the CPC family Kari and Dan its gonna be a fun ride!!




Location: Orchard Park, Geauga County Metroparks



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