Wedding Couples are freaking out over this new product………

CPC is proud to offer to the greater Cleveland, Ohio market the Mirror Photo Booth. This booth is designed to resemble a large floor mirror. It offers guests a unique and engaging experience by incorporating props and hands on interaction to keep guest attention. The Mirror Photo Booth allows guests to sign their creations directly on the mirror and then print those creations directly onto their photograph that prints right there.

Guests can upload their photos directly to social media services live from the event. Clients can choose to have their own graphic layovers designed and incorporated as well as have a album book ready for guests to leave a friendly message. All images captured that night are returned to the client to continue sharing weeks and years after.

Photo booths are nothing new to the wedding scene. Everyone thought they were a fade that would come and go within a few years. Yet, they are still here and guests and wedding couples alike are still enjoying them.

Yet, we hear so many times from our couples and others that one of the main reasons they do not boo photo booths is because of how they are incorporated into the event space. Wedding couples invest a lot of time and effort in to decorating their reception and event space. Often times current photo booth setup ups have a large foot print within the space. These setups include large drapes and big signs that are tacky and detract the over all ambiance of the room.

We love the details that go into the planning and decorating of a reception or special event. The last thing we like to see is something that is an eye sore within the event space. So when, CPC went looking for an upscale, elegant option for our clients it was clear to us that it needed to have a small foot print and compliment the event space. Until now there has not been a product out there that allows guests a unique, fun and engaging interaction.

We are currently accepting limited bookings for the 2017 Year and 2018 years. Please head over to our information page and complete the contact form with more questions or to schedule a booking.


meet matt

Visual story teller; Photographer & Videographer

Matt is one of our Co-Founders who also is a photographer and videographer. Matt draws his inspiration and love for photos from his childhood and the fascination with photographs ability to help him recall specific childhood events and memories. he loves the idea that weddings are part of a larger story and that we have the opportunity to help write one chapter of individuals story;s through photography and videography. 

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