Rain Clouds on your Wedding Day

As we set out for Geneva Lodge, it looks as if the rain clouds were going to move in to ruin The Wedding Day. I found myself wondering how Trisha was dealing with the weather change. Yet when Matt and I arrived, we found Mike and Trisha showed no signs of worry. The air had a sense of calm as if nothing was going to stop these two best friends from walking down the aisle. Mike and Trisha completely emersed themselves in the final moments leading up to the ceremony. Catching wide-eyed glances at the dress, a child being helped with a tie, the random sighs of joy from the passing hotel guests and the obligatory congratulations as they passed the restaurant.

Geneva Lodge has a serenity about it that. The wind off the lake appears to slow time. Allowing brief moments to seem to last a lifetime. A first look the seemed to be endless. Trisha and Mike embraced each other for the first time of the day; stopping to just enjoy the moment and beauty of each other’s souls.Wedding Day Geneva Lodge

As the loving hand of a bride rises up to gently caress her husband’s suit coat, you get the feeling of calm, wonder and beauty. These are the moments that Matt and I could have photographed for hours. Unfortunately, though the thunder clouds were rolling in and there was an outdoor ceremony to be had.

Just as Mike and Trisha utter the I do’s you started to feel the glisten of a random raindrop here and there. Upon the grand exit, Mike and Trisha safely exited the venue, and the umbrella’s of guest began to pop. Pictures of the newlyweds would have to wait for mother nature to finish her congratulatory tears of joy. Instead, the couple chooses to greet the friends and family as they entered the cocktail lounge. Wedding Day Geneva LodgeIt was amazing to witness so many loved ones engaging in hugs and laughter. Hearing the random stories and welcomes as we captured a few candid moments. The rain had dampened no one’s spirits as the room was filled with this sort of electric glow and energy. This was the time to celebrate and the children feed off the happy vibes. We kept a close eye on the rain and were able to sneak the couple away for a brief 15-minute session alone before heading into the reception hall.

Mike and Trisha’s story is one of amazement and hope. After briefly dating after high school both walked long and very different paths in life. But chance would have it those paths would come back together again. Life has interesting ways of working out, and while the short-term picture can be daunting, scary and unsure, it is those short-term pictures that bring the grand picture come together. While in the moments we may not understand why we are going through them when we look back we realize it was those moments that created the opportunity for amazing moments like Mike and Trisha to exist.


Venue: Geneva State Lodge 

Hair & Make Up: Lindsay London 

Dress: Serendipity Bridal

DJ: Jesse Webb Entertainment

Suits: American Commodore Tuxedo




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